Cynomi brochure: Provide vCISO service at scale

Learn how Cynomi helps managed service providers and professional services firms to setup and scale their virtual CISO services

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ebook What does it take to be a FULL-FLEDGED VIRTUAL CISO 497x310

What does it take to be a full-fledged Virtual CISO?

What is really needed in order to provide vCISO service? Download to get a better understanding of the vCISO’s main duties, roles and responsibilities

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eBook: 7 tips from top virtual CISOs

Learn from successful vCISO providers how to increase revenues and improve margins when offering vCISO services

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Your First 100 Days as a vCISO

Playbook: First 100 Days as a vCISO – 5 Steps to Success

Read this playbook to get a five-step, comprehensive guide for a 100-day action plan.

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GenAI security guide

Guide: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs can keep their customers safe from Gen AI risks

It’s a Generative AI world! Read to learn how to proactively protect customers from AI-related risks.

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Guide: How vCISOs can extend their services into compliance

Read this to learn how you can expand from security into compliance readiness without increasing costs

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How service providers can scale vCISO services to boost revenue and upselling

Guide: How service providers can scale vCISO services to boost revenue and upselling

Learn how Cynomi helps virtual CISO services providers scale their services

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How to Add Vciso Services at Scale to Your Managed Services Portfolio

How to add vCISO Services at scale to your managed services portfolio

Read this guide to learn how service providers can leverage Cynomi to setup virtual CISO services

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State of the Virtual CISO 2023 Report

MSPs and MSSPs capitalize on the rising vCISO trend. Read all you need to know about this latest industry development in Cynomi’s detailed survey report.

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Virtual Lunch & Learn The Change Healthcare Ransomware Incident: lessons learned for MSPs and MSSPs

Virtual Lunch & Learn: The Change Healthcare Ransomware Incident: Lessons Learned for MSPs and MSSPs

Join Cynomi’s virtual session with Mike Wilkes, a seasoned CISO and the Director of Cyber Operations at The Security Agency covering the change healthcare ransomware attack.

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5 steps to vCISO success webinar

On-demand webinar: 5 Steps to vCISO Success

Watch to learn from vCISO expert Jesse Miller, what the vCISO’s first 100 days should look like.

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On-demand webinar: How vCISOs and MSSPs can protect their clients from AI and LLM related risks

Watch to better understand the AI-related cyber risks as well as practical tips for vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs on how to protect customers from these threats.

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Cynomi: Unlocking business growth with vCISO services

On-demand webinar: Unlocking business growth with vCISO services

Watch to hear from MSP leaders including Netrix, Entara, and Xperteks about their real-life journeys growing their vCISO business.

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Riding the vCISO wave - How to provide full vCISO services

On-demand webinar: Riding the vCISO wave – How to provide full vCISO services

Watch to learn about the key roles and responsibilities of the vCISO, what makes vCISO services a lucrative offering, and what it really takes to provide full vCISO services.

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tips webinar

On-demand webinar: Tips from MSSPs to MSSPs: Starting a vCISO Practice

A panel discussion between three MSSP leaders who have already done that, on what to consider when starting a virtual CISO practice

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Case studies

rsolutions logo

How rSolutions Accelerated Time-to-Value with Cynomi, Achieving Goals in Weeks Instead of Months

rSolutions transformed their security services with Cynomi, providing significant value to clients within weeks, cutting risk assessment times by 60% and boosting employee expertise and efficiency.

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CA2 case study

How CA2 Security Increased Revenue and Simplified Security Management for Their Clients

CA2 upgraded their security offering with Cynomi’s vCISO, risk assessment and reporting capabilities. By replacing spreadsheets with Cynomi they were able to reduce costs, open doors to new clients and cut risk assessment times by 40%.

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Model Technology Case Study with Cynomi

Model: Growing Customer Base by 20% and Boosting Upsell Revenue with Cynomi

Model Technology Solutions successfully grew their customer base by 20% and boosted upsell revenue by up to 60% by leveraging Cynomi’s reporting, automation and vCISO capabilities.

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How VISO Achieved 50% Risk Assessment Time Reduction and 54% Revenue Growth with Cynomi

VISO transformed their risk assessment process with Cynomi to easily scale, cut costs, accelerate processes, quickly onboard new employees and improve quality.

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POPP3R Cybersecurity Case Study with Cynomi

POPP3R Cybersecurity: Paving the Way for vCISO Services with Cynomi

POPP3R saved 600 manual hours with Cynomi’s automated assessment and reporting process, which also enabled POPP3R to scale on demand.

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How CyberSherpas Doubled Their Deal Size with Cynomi

Using Cynomi to transition to recurring vCISO services resulted in improved operational efficiency, revenue doubling, and enhanced cyber resilience.

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How LevCo Technologies Set Themselves Up for Scale with Cynomi

LevCo streamlined its compliance services with Cynomi’s module, saving resources and enabling easier onboarding and scaling.

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Cynomi x Model Technology and Woziniak

Wozniak chooses Model Technology based on Cynomi partnership

“One of the things that impressed me most about Model when we were considering them as an outside provider for internet security was their Cynomi portal.”

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Stephen Parsons - Chief Executive Officer

VISO uses Cynomi to provide a quality vCISO service to more clients with the same team

“Cynomi has given us speed, efficiency and quality. The time it takes to deliver a cyber assessment has been greatly reduced, by about 50%”

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Model Technology Solutions gains new customers and experiences business growth using the Cynomi platform

“We have seen an increase in new customers as well as more opportunities with existing customers through the use of Cynomi”

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MSP and MSSP InfoSystems uses Cynomi to drive revenues adding new services

“Cynomi allows us to use vCISO services at scale, and sell additional services to the customers”

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Network Solutions Provider MSSP chooses Cynomi to scale vCISO services

“Cynomi does 75-80% of the heavy lifting in terms of man-hours for us. The ROI on this partnership is amazing”

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Tec Refresh MSSP leverages Cynomi to offer vCISO services at scale and grow margins

“Cynomi gets us into more meetings with clients. It enabled our MSSP to cut the time invested in providing vCISO services, scale it, and drive more business”

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