AI Powered Cyber Protection and Regulation Compliance

A Virtual CISO

Small and medium businesses are facing unprecedented cyber threats.

They also need to comply with constantly increasing regulation and customer driven requirements. 


Cynomi's virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a virtual assistant providing real time cyber and compliance support through automated data collection, continuous scanning and AI powered analysis.


No prior cyber or compliance experience required.

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Our AI powered Virtual CISO approaches a company's cyber protection in the same manner a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer would.


It learns where a company stands in terms of people, technology and processes through adaptive questionnaires and recurring scannings of its assets. 


It provides a company with a continuously updated plan tailored for size, sector, geography and gathered intelligence.

Whether it's regulatory compliance such as GDPR, industry best practices such as ISO 27001 or customer based requirements - our Virtual CISO maps all the different requirements supported by a business into a cohesive whole.

It charts out both the steps a company needs to take in order achieve compliance and the steps in needs to take in order to maintain it.

Whether used by in-house IT staff, or by an IT Service provider supporting a portfolio of customers, our Virtual CISO requires no previous cyber or compliance expertise.

On the other hand, some of our customers do have in-house expertise and still rely on it for organising, streamlining, improving and scaling their processes. This is particularly true for IT Service Providers supporting a large number of customers.



The midmarket cyber and compliance landscape is a daunting one. Over 50% of small and medium businesses have knowingly suffered from a cyber attack, and businesses need to comply with an increasing set of requirements imposed both regulators and their customers.

Cynomi brings together a team of dedicated cyber experts and technologists with a single mission - provide small and medium businesses, and the IT Service Providers who support them, with a world leading solution to keep them both safe and compliant.


The days of being able to rely on only a good anti-virus and a firewall are long gone.

Today protection and compliance bring together people processes and technology. In very large organisations this is typically handled by a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and their team.

Our Virtual CISO brings the expertise of the world's best CISOs to organisations of any size.


Our Virtual CISO platform is underpinned by a deep technological foundation comprised of 5 components:


  • a proprietary cyber framework combining NIST, NCSC and Israeli cyber defence methodology frameworks.

  • an automated company profiling module 

  • simulated 'attacker's view' scanning

  • proprietary risk assessment algorithms

  • an AI powered, patented, risk prioritisation module.


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