Protect your customers and grow your business

Increase your market share, boost retention and achieve continual revenue growth


Save time and resources

Cynomi automates your security management services. This means your team can focus on supporting your customers while Cynomi builds and manage your security strategy.

Grow your services, not your team

With Cynomi you can build a world-class cyber-security practice without growing your team. Cynomi gives you sophisticated cyber frameworks, top notch CISO knowhow and simple, actionable courses of action.

Deploy in minutes

Get your customers up and running in a matter of minutes. The Cynomi onboarding process is quick, efficient and automated. No complex configurations. No systems integrations. No hassle.

Grow your security practice

Cynomi’s Cyber Snapshot Report is your key to customer growth. Our up-to-the-minute information on the global threat environment is the perfect sales tool – giving you all the information you need to help your customers understand the importance of cyber security.

All the support you need

While we use the power of AI to deliver our service, our support is 100% human. Our expert support team is always available to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

Lead from the front

With Cynomi you can give your customers access to enterprise-class cyber security. Cynomi allows you to position your business as a leader in cyber-security.

Our clients

Partner with us

Add AI-powered security management to your portfolio of services.

With Cynomi, you can give your customers the help and support they need. You can broaden and deepen your relationships with them and build a security practice for your firm. And because Cynomi is powered by AI it automates all regular security management tasks – allowing you to concentrate on supporting your customers.

Peer Menahem

Using Cynomi we’ve managed not only to re-engage dormant customers but also generated new business. And didn’t need to add a single new employee to our team


Peer Menahem
CISO, Allegronet

John Rollinson

Cynomi’s platform has gained serious traction amongst our agents. Their Cyber Risk Snapshot report, in particular, is a great acquisition tool as it provides a very clear and simple assessment report that takes us only 2 minutes to generate!


John Rollinson
General Manager & Co-founder, Data Shepherd

Philip Walker

Seriously impressed and very happy I’ve partnered with Cynomi. This is exactly the platform that we’ve been waiting for at NSP!


Phillip Walker
CEO, Network Solutions Provider USA, Inc.