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The vCISO Opportunity

This article discusses why many SMBs are turning to MSPs to satisfy their vCISO requirements – 86% of MSPs and MSSPs plan to offer vCISO solutions in 2024.

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Much Pain, Lots of Gain for Virtual CISOs

This article discusses outsourced CISO services to SMBs takes an unusual mix of skills and a lot of upfront investment, but can have a big impact on your top and bottom lines.

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Exploring UK’s Rising Stars in Cyber Security Startup Landscape

This article highlights Cynomi as one of  the top rising stars cybersecurity startups based in the UK, learn more about how Cynomi is changing the game in vCISO services.

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Cynomi Exec To MSSPs: Virtual CISO Services Is ‘One Of The Top Two That Offers Very High Margins’

A summary of Royi Barnea’s session at xChange Next Gen including surprising stats from Cynomi’s recent survey on the popularity of vCISO services among MSSPs

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Is this London-based vCISO provider revolutionising the cyber security industry?

Cynomi’s platform provides comprehensive solutions including risk and compliance assessments, customized security policies, and actionable remediation plans

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MSPs, MSSPs Poised to Add vCISO Services

The number of MSPs and MSSPs that offer vCISO services will skyrocket by the end of 2024, according to a new report from Cynomi.

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Cynomi Study Predicts Fivefold Growth in Virtual CISO Services by Next Year

The report’s key highlight is that the number of vCISO service providers is set to increase from 19% to 86% of MSPs and MSSPs in North America by end of 2024.

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Podcast: Why more MSPs and MSSPs are offering vCISO services

Watch Jessica Davis interviewing Cynomi CEO David Primor on why more MSSPs are offering vCISO services to their end clients.

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Cynomi and Grant Thornton Partner to Enhance Cybersecurity Services for SMBs

Read the full press release about the partnership.

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Boosting the vCISO Ecosystem with a New Directory

Read the full interview with David Primor, CEO of Cynomi on TechBullion.

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First Directory of Virtual CISO Providers Launched by Cynomi

The vCISO Directory comes to answer the increasing need of SMBs to manage their cybersecurity and helps them find and engage with the right vendor.

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AI assists MSPs address cybersecurity skills crisis to protect SMBs

An interview with Cynomi’s founder and CEO, David Primor.

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The risks and benefits of starting a vCISO practice

MSPs and MSSPs see the incredible benefits of offering vCISO services – but many feel they can’t, citing the risks involved. So what exactly are the risks and benefits of starting a vCISO practice?

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How Companies Without CISOs Can Build Their Defenses

Read the article to learn some tactics that security teams can implement to immediately impact SMB security posture.

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3 cybersecurity automation tools that your IT department needs now

This article highlights cybersecurity companies need to embrace automation. Cynomi has believed in automation since day one, being the first AI-powered automated vCISO services platform.

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How Virtual CISOs Are Reshaping SMB Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a central business pillar these days. Unfortunately for small and medium businesses, hiring a full-time head of cybersecurity is out of reach. The rise of virtual CISOs or vCISOs is changing this picture quickly. Companies of all sizes can now hire top-notch talent and receive best-in-class services to upgrade their security postures.

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Ransomware Attacks Are at an All-Time High: Here Is How Security Service Providers Should Prepare

To cope with this problem, solution providers can offer vCISO services. Using platforms that automate some of the vCISO assessments and tasks allows them to do so without increasing the team or investing additional resources.

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Turning to Virtual CISO Services to Ease the Cybersecurity Talent Crunch

This article shows the power of vCISO services to help alleviate to low inventory of security talent. Utilizing vCISO services such as Cynomi enables MSSP sand MSPs to effectively tackle these bottlenecks.

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vCISO’s are Going Mainstream, and Cynomi is Powering the Revolution

The vCISO revolution is changing the way smaller companies view cybersecurity. This article describes how Cynomi is powering this revolution and represents cutting-edge cybersecurity.

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#1 vCISO platform

#1 vCISO Platform

Cynomi was rated as the leading vCISO Platform for service providers

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Product Review: Cynomi Automated vCISO Platform for Service Providers

In-depth review of the Cynomi platform for managed service providers and consulting firmts, by TheHackerNews

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Cynomi’s Automated vCISO Platform Offers a Revolutionary AI Solution to the Cybersecurity Market

Daniel Levi, TechStartups reviewing the Cynomi AI-powered platform

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vCISO Startup Cynomi Brings a New AI Solution to the Cybersecurity Industry

David Thompson, Tech Times, Explains about the challenges of service providers and how Cynomi helps solves them

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