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Ransomware Attacks Are at an All-Time High: Here Is How Security Service Providers Should Prepare

To cope with this problem, solution providers can offer vCISO services. Using platforms that automate some of the vCISO assessments and tasks allows them to do so without increasing the team or investing additional resources.

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vCISO’s are Going Mainstream, and Cynomi is Powering the Revolution

The vCISO revolution is changing the way smaller companies view cybersecurity. This article describes how Cynomi is powering this revolution and represents cutting-edge cybersecurity.

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#1 vCISO Platform

Cynomi was rated as the leading vCISO Platform for service providers

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Product Review: Cynomi Automated vCISO Platform for Service Providers

In-depth review of the Cynomi platform for managed service providers and consulting firmts, by TheHackerNews

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Cynomi’s Automated vCISO Platform Offers a Revolutionary AI Solution to the Cybersecurity Market

Daniel Levi, TechStartups reviewing the Cynomi AI-powered platform

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vCISO Startup Cynomi Brings a New AI Solution to the Cybersecurity Industry

David Thompson, Tech Times, Explains about the challenges of service providers and how Cynomi helps solves them

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