CISO level security
for every company

Every organization needs cyber expertise to be protected

Over 50% of small and medium businesses are attacked every year and it is now clear that these companies need the support of a professional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), a position which to date has only existed in much bigger organizations.

IT professionals are expected to be cybersecurity experts

The role of IT teams is becoming more complex. They are expected to assess cyber risks, detect company vulnerabilities and gaps, build policies and plan strategically. They are also expected to protect the company, every day, from new attacks. It is a very challenging job. Can IT professionals be cyber experts at the same time?

Cynomi turns IT professionals into cyber experts

Cynomi enables any IT professional to become their company’s cybersecurity expert. Backed by the top CISOs in the world, Cynomi’s AI SaaS platform supports IT directors, managers, and teams to manage cybersecurity professionally. Now you can be sure that ransomware, phishing or reputational damage are professionally treated, as well as compliance with GDPR, HIPPA or PCI-DSS.

There's many benefits to CISO level security

Zero investment to become a security expert

Your existing team can provide CISO support to your company. With the Cynomi SaaS platform any IT professional can become a CISO – no need to invest in courses, expensive tools or hiring cyber professionals.

A single dashboard for monitoring your cyber posture

Cynomi offers the widest offering in a single platform to cater to multiple cyber security needs – your cyber posture against your vertical partners, cybersecurity risk levels for ransomware and phishing for example, a sophisticated attacker view.

An automated and prioritized security action plan to be protected

Cynomi automatically generates a prioritized action plan based on the specifics of each company. Cynomi picks the most cost-effective tasks and helps with remediation.

Cybersecurity policies as the default standard

Cynomi builds your strategic cyber plan based on the NIST state-of-the-art cyber framework. Then, tailor-made cyber policies are created for compliance and security.

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