Strategic cybersecurity operations

Whether you’re a vCISO, MSP, MSSP, or a consultancy group, your goal is to deliver maximum cybersecurity excellence at scale. That means total visibility into cyber risk, accelerating compliance processes, while providing maximum protection – and this is where Cynomi makes a difference.

Powerful personalization

Tailor-made cybersecurity policies

Generate cybersecurity policies on the fly: Automatically generated, NIST based action plan for optimal strategic cybersecurity operations – tailored to each and every client.

Know the score

Understand how your clients’ posture ranks, benchmarked against their sector, its regulations and compliance. Show them how they stack up against others.

Total visibility into clients’ risk exposure

See the vulnerabilities your client is exposed to, and, since it’s prioritized, it’s very clear to know what to do next.

No more ‘spray-and-pray’ cybersecurity

Cynomi generates a structured and focused work plan – making sure you never miss a thing.


Know what’s next

Cynomi reflects your current cyber risk landscape so you and your client are always in the know.

Give the board “a-ha” moments

Use “before/after” scores to easily explain how the risks, the potential impact, and the work needed are all connected.

Understand where the next dollar should go to

By having a clear visibility into the risk and a focused prioritized remediation plan, you and your client have total control on budgets and ROI


Know where you stand

Understand compliance level as well as next step for full compliance.

Easily get a structured plan for compliance

Policies can be mapped to every framework, so you can get a prioritized task list to achieve compliance.

Balance cybersecurity and compliance

Smart prioritization based on client’s needs.

Get started with Cynomi

Enhance clients’ security posture. Boost sales pipeline, accelerate deals, increase upsells and drive revenue.