Cynomi's AI Virtual
CISO capabilities

Cyber posture continuous monitoring

Finding vulnerabilities and calculating a cyber protection score to main risks including ransomware, phishing and reputational damage.

Task prioritization

Cynomi uses clustering and AI algorithms to automatically choose the most relevant tasks. From dozens of vulnerabilities and configuration problems, Cynomi analyses the relevance of each task and generates a CISO-like prioritized plan. Each task is explained in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy to follow and implement.

Tailor made cybersecurity policies

Cynomi automatically generates a tailor-made set of policies appropriate for the exact needs of any company. Based on the NIST cyber security framework and adjusted by additional regulation requirements such as ISO 27001 and GDPR, Cynomi provides over a dozen policies that are smart, simple and intuitive.

Detailed, intelligence based reports

Cynomi continuously uses intelligence feeds and attacker information to build an up-to-date cyber protection plan for the company. All relevant information for stake holders and customers is gathered in a thorough report that demonstrates the security level, improvement trends, comparison with industry benchmarks and more security-related technical details. It is easy to prove the security level, efforts and compliance.

The roles of CISO

1. Performs cybersecurity risk assessments based on the organization’s assets and monitors its security posture.

2. Defines a periodic security action plan and security programs.

3. Follows security frameworks and complies with regulatory standards.

4. Researches the cybersecurity threat landscape and the implications of new or emerging threats to the business.

5. Designs, benchmarks, purchases and onboards new security technologies.

6. Establishes security awareness training programs

7. Leads incident-handling in real-time – mitigates, contains, investigates and reports

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