Cybersecurity is a big deal, but it shouldn’t be a hassle

Cynomi helps you easily and quickly analyze and optimize your clients’ cyber posture, achieve and maintain compliance, protect against data leaks, fraud, and ransomware. Unlike other solutions, Cynomi automatically fuses cybersecurity knowledge and expertise with powerful scans and assessments to create continuous end-to-end security posture optimization.

Maintaining A Structured View of a Fast-Changing Threat Landscape

Actionable Insights At Scale

Lightning-fast gap analysis

State of the art express-scan to uncover critical vulnerabilities in externally visible IPs and URLs, ranging from email misconfigurations to unsafe use of encryption protocols.

Real attacker’s view

Powered by unparalleled data collection,the state-of-the-art external vulnerability assessment includes deep analysis of vulnerabilities and exploits for externally exposed assets (ports, protocols, encryption, website, web application,emails, DNS, certifications)

Keep a closer eye on the right metrics

Quickly and easily create actionable policies specific for each client, based on all the internal and external intelligence to ensure an optimal personalized protection. Covering everything from incident response – all the way to multi-site communications. The vCISO dashboard contains all you need to know for continuous improvement and compliance: cyber posture, risk management, tasks, compliance, policies, and benchmarks.
Website Defacement
Data leaks

Understand the impact of every action you take

An AI-powered NIST-based assessment with security scores for specific threats, such as ransomware or website defacement. See the criticality and the % of change to risk posture

Always focus on what matters most

Continuous improvement of security posture with proprietary AI algorithms, modeled after the world’s best CISOs to prioritize remediation tasks.

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