Empowering IT professionals

with advanced cyber capabilities

Cynomi's Virtual CISO

Modern cyber protection and regulatory compliance encompass people, processes and technology. Managing, or even just monitoring, the many aspects of these behalf of a client requires significant time and effort. 


Our Virtual CISO enables IT Service Providers to protect their customers with dedicated cyber and compliance support through automated data collection, continuous scanning and AI powered analysis built with world class cyber expertise.

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01 / Security Assessment

Continuously assess exposure to the most prevalent Cyber risks visualising risk vectors in each threat category.

02 / Auto Generation of Security Policies

Generate customised policies (workstation, password, email, access etc.) based on threat exposure and relevant regulations.

03 / Regulatory Compliance

Understand where the business stands in terms of common regulatory frameworks, how to achieve compliance if it's not quite there yet, and how to maintain it if it is.

04 / An Optimised Plan for a Given Budget

See the specific steps the business needs to take in order to improve. These may include new policies & processes, as well as new tools the business should consider purchasing.


Our recommendations are vendor-agnostic, we leave it up to you, as the IT Service Provider, to recommend to your customers the right product to buy. We just provide an objective, expert assessment that such a product is necessary in order to help the business understand why an additional investment is required.

05 / Management Reporting

Generate executive-grade reports showing a snapshot of where the business stands in terms of cyber and regulatory compliance highlighting your role and efforts supporting a process of continued improvement.

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